Ideal usability testing

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A service description

The current project involves the provision of usability tes2ng services. Usability tes2ng is the process of conduc2ng experiments to iden2fy informa2on related to ergonomic aspects and user interface design. The purpose of usability tes2ng is to form the highest consumer performances of the user interface such as convenience, efficiency, accessibility and ease of learning. Usability tes2ng is conducted throughout the en2re user interface development cycle. In early stages, tes2ng the previous version or compe2ng products allows to outline strategic points that need to be achieved. In the middle of working process usability tes2ng provides with feedback of user interface weaknesses. At final stages, usability tes2ng cer2fies that the product is in line with prime targets. (or the product doesn’t fully meet the prime targets).

Usability shows how convenient the interface is to use. The tes2ng demonstrates whether the website is convenient for the visitor (Is the search convenient? Is it easy to navigate and perform targeted ac2ons?) Usability directly affects the website conversion. If a customer can’t quickly place an order or find a desired product, there is a chance that he won’t buy/order.

The key benefits our clients receive after the usability study:

Better user experience
Real feedback from users about the product
Fair examination of the webpage
Reduced time for the development process
Higher return on investment for the product
Uncovered product weaknesses and provision of visible solutions